BrandX Was More Than
An X-treme Packaging Solution

The packaging for this line of wireless microphone systems provided outstanding retail visibility, as well as a practical after-purchase storage method. The custom extruded, stainless steel, hex-shaped microphone display/storage tubes were the star of the show – both on store shelves and off the stage.

The BrandX logo evolved out of working with the client and their retail partner, Guitar Center. Each wanted an identity that would appeal to all levels of musicians and performers. Thus the BrandX logo, which reflected the grunge aesthetic of the time, was born.


The BrandX packaging project was the ultimate example of creative logistics.

Rather than simply offering a unique product package, our creative solution also offered the added benefits of durability and security, while helping the products take center stage in point-of-purchase displays. An added bonus was the reusable hex tube for storage.


The initial project was retail packaging
for individual microphones. We developed
an affordable, stainless steel hex tube with a reusable cap for after-sale storage.
A heat-formed polypropylene sleeve allowed for individual product branding and enhanced store security.

A standard, off-the-shelf plastic case was transformed into a BrandX studio kit.
A cost-effective slip cover reinforced the BrandX positioning, while also providing in-store security.

The third packaging component was for wireless headphones. We recommended using standard chip board boxes personalized with the BrandX grunge design.


The next step in our creative logistics process was to announce BrandX to
Guitar Center managers and employees, so they would understand the products' X-ceptional value and features.

P.O.P. sales literature was also part of our creative logistics. Each component was designed to make Guitar Center's cash registers sing, while building a loyal fan base for Audio-Technica  products.

Both B2B and B2C support materials were developed for individual products.
These pieces promoted the features and specifications of each product to retail partners and end-users, while reinforcing
the world-class brands synonymous with Audio-Technica.



The launch of BrandX was a total success. We exceeded our client's expectations and requirements with a cost-effective and memorable packaging system that propelled BrandX to superstar status among a new generation of musicians and performers.