A. Schulman looks to the future with INVISION and ADG

When the 30-year patent for Santoprene expired, we helped A. Schulman launch INVISION, their own thermoplastic elastomer, designed to go head-to-head with Santoprene.


Automotive Focus

Non-Automotive Focus

Our creative logistics approach was crystal clear from the beginning. In planning and developing the sales promotion materials, we created a uniquely shaped pocket folder, knowing the investment would be absorbed between separate sales materials for both automotive and non-automotive markets. To customize the folders for each market, we changed the application photos used in each layout.

As part of the INVISION brand introduction, we developed and managed a print ad campaign targeting the U.S. automotive industry, particularly OEMs.


To measure our efforts and track results, we recommend clients, such as A. Schulman, include a unique URL on all advertising and direct marketing materials as part of the call to action. The unique URL links to a landing page with additional product details, as well as a link to a form to request more information or speak to a sales representative.


The creative concepts and creative logistics we developed for INVISION helped product engineers see a new world of possibilities in thermoplastic elastomers. This includes soft-touch properties in products we all touch and use every day.