ADG Not Only Caught the Wave, We Created a Big Splash

We've enjoyed a strong working relationship with Lakeland Community College for years. When the opportunity arose to help the college re-brand their athletic department's logo, we jumped right in.

Using the college's original team name, the Lakers, we created a memorable mascot that encouraged everyone to catch the wave.

One component of the brand system we developed is the ability to personalize the logo for individual team sports, which was a real slam dunk.

We took the well known college logo and modified the same typography font to create a progressive athletic design for our unstoppable mascot.


Based on our close working relationship with Lakeland Community College's marketing director, we were able to dive right in to this project, with a clear understanding of the client's vision. This saved us time in creating an exciting new branding system that rivals that of any Division 1 team.

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