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Tough Never Looked So Good While Standing Up To The Competition

We created a unique product brand and launch campaign for the work truck industry's first polymer composite service truck body, the Razorback.


We suggested an unconventional marketing direction that we could really sink our teeth into – a mascot Razorback that emerged from the shadows to build excitement and interest in the work truck industry's
first composite service body.

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Three full-page ads were developed to announce and unveil the Razorback over three consecutive months.
The Razorback began to slowly emerge from the shadows one month at a time, until we had an actual truck to photograph. This allowed us to build momentum until we officially unleashed the Razorback in the NTEA News Work Truck Show edition.


At the Work Truck Show, the Razorback had a strong presence, including a looping video positioned in the truck bed.

The Work Truck Show media room provided the perfect opportunity for the Razorback to step into the spotlight. We developed a tabletop poster that encouraged trade media editors to take a customized, business card-sized jump drive with all the press materials and graphic assets.


Truck graphics were designed and produced
on thin magnet material
for quick set-up and
easy removal.

Creating the sales sheet was a challenge until
the truck with the Razorback composite service body was built and ready to photograph.


Our creative logistics included a thoughtful approach to how the Razorback was announced – first to STAHL's customers,
then trade media – followed by online branding and SEO marketing.

As an added bonus and another example of our creative logistics process, we used the launch of the innovative Razorback, with a little help from Uncle Sam, to attract and recruit new distributors.



Using our creative logistics process we were able to overcome the challenge of not having the final Razorback product until right before the Work Truck Show. We also generated interest by teasing customers that something big was coming and creating a memorable product mascot that dominated every aspect of the product launch. The Razorback composite service body went on to become one of the best sellers for STAHL.