Our Recipe for Success Starts with the Best Creative Ingredients

Hartville Kitchen wanted to modernize the mason jar labels for their line of salad dressings – while keeping the homestyle recipe look. In conjunction with re-branding their Hartville Kitchen restaurant and Hartville Collectibles retail store, we developed a family of salad dressing labels, which worked seamlessly with their state-of-the-art automated labeling equipment.


The first phase was to design a family of mason jar labels that conveyed the homestyle goodness of this popular line of salad dressings.

One of the key ingredients to the homespun appeal of the dressings was to include a photo and brief bio of Grandma Sarah Miller on the label. Grandma Sarah developed the original salad dressing recipes more than 50 years ago.

To top it all off, the jar lids were branded with a call-to-action tagline:

Top Your Salads With The Best.

We've had the privilege of working with this family of businesses to develop the iconic Hartville Kitchen and Hartville Collectibles logos, as well as offer environmental design solutions.

The second phase of the project was to re-purpose the client's initial investment into bottle labels for a line of dressings that require no refrigeration.

Although the shape varied, the bottle labels maintained the branding integrity of the widely recognized mason jar labels.

Sales promotion literature was part of the long-term planning. We created a facility brochure that positioned the Hartville Kitchen as more than a restaurant, but also as a destination that offers some of the area's

best shopping.

This unified the Hartville family of brands, while allowing Hartville Kitchen, Hartville Collectibles, Hartville Hardware and Hartville Marketplace to cross-sell and support each other.


While we helped modernize the Hartville family of brands, we didn't lose sight of the homestyle appeal that has driven this brand for decades. Our creative logistics approach allowed the client to realize a greater return on their investment in redesigned product labels, while promoting the entire family of brands as one dining and shopping destination.