Schul-Man comes to the rescue with an unconventional branding approach

We delivered super-heroic results when we re-introduced a well-known compounder's corporate name by transforming it into a problem-fighting superhero – Schul-Man. This unconventional marketing approach reallocated a portion of the client's print advertising budget to create a series of four posters. Each poster presented a common industry problem with Schul-Man arriving just in time with a better solution.

The posters became so popular, the following year we introduced a desktop calendar for plant and purchasing managers. We also created a bi-monthly tear-out card that could be redeemed for a give-away featuring Schul-Man.

Schul-Man custom-designed water bottles featured
four separate label designs.

We worked closely with A. Schulman's product technology center
to create a unique blow mold die, so they could manufacture these water bottles in-house. The bottles served double duty as material samples for customers, as well as a useful, give-away promotion.


While most agencies would have taken the easy approach and used those dollars for a print media buy, we wanted to make a bigger impact. Our superhero, Schul-Man, gave our client more bang for their buck. The wildly popular posters graced the office walls of more than 2,500 product and design engineers throughout the country, constantly reinforcing the A. Schulman brand to their customers.

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