About ADG

It's not just about us. It’s about how we’ve sustained proven results
for our clients over the last 30+ years, while becoming a trusted member
of their marketing teams.

As we help clients establish individual brands and position them in the marketplace,
we think strategically regarding how to maximize the return on their creative investment. Whether our clients need a stand-alone piece or a comprehensive program, we ensure their products
and services always stand out in the crowd.

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Creative Agency. Proven Results.
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ADG Sign of Results
Creative Agency. Proven Results.
ADG Exterior
ADG Sign of Results
Creative Agency. Proven Results.

Small Agency. Big Ideas.

With a creative agency like ADG, we keep the lines of communication shorter and the layers thinner, so we can generate big ideas without breaking the bank.
Contact us today and see how we can work for you.

At ADG, creativity is more than a department or function. It’s an attitude. And it’s obvious throughout the entire agency. We expect everyone here to excel beyond expectations, while striving to “color outside the lines.”


At the same time, we don’t believe in creativity for the sake of creativity. To be effective – design, advertising and marketing communications must be both creative – and strategically sound. We design around your marketing plan. We create concepts and materials aimed at growing your company's brand. We also encourage our clients to play a hands-on role in the creative process. Our doors and phone lines are always open, and we take the time to truly listen to our clients.

  • SEO / SEM Marketing

  • Social Marketing

  • Illustration

  • Exhibit Planning / Design

  • Environmental Design

  • Product / Packaging Design

  • Brand Strategy

  • Public Relations

  • Sales Promotion

  • Direct Marketing
    - On/Off Line


  • Advertising
    - Print/Digital


  • Web Development

Our Areas Of Expertise:

Over the past 30+ years, we’ve had the privilege of working with clients of all sizes and in all types of industries. We’ve acquired a broad level of skills and a deeper understanding of unique markets, which allows for a shorter learning curve and the resources to generate results quickly. Our diverse creative experience also allows us to create and manage all aspects of a project, thus maximizing our clients’ return on their investment.

Proven Results: Here are just a few of the unique markets we’ve served and our proven results in providing creative logistic services. If there is a specific result you're interested in, let us show you the full program.


From compounds, concentrates and additives to injection, blow and dip moldings, ADG has a deep understanding in the plastics industry.


We understand how distributor networks drive the work truck industry, while helping our clients put their marketing into high gear.


We’ve built solid relationships with a variety of builders and developers as we’ve helped them establish a firm foothold in the market.


From college prep schools and community colleges to one of the nation’s most respected medical schools, we’ve done our homework in marketing institutions of higher learning.


Having the opportunity to support clients in unique businesses – from high-performance alloys and insurance companies to  orthodontic and orthopedic practices  ­– adds up to our diverse creative team.