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The Second Time Around, We're Still the First Choice

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Stahl and its division, Arbortech, we helped both companies build-out their original websites in 2008. A decade later, we were still the first choice to improve the user experience –  by providing a better interface for specifying products that's also mobile-friendly.

Stahl, a manufacturer of truck service bodies, along with their division, Arbortech, maker of forestry bodies, relies on ADG as a full-service agency. Their websites were two of the earliest marketing components we created.


Stahl's website was updated and improved in 2018 with a mobile-responsive design to allow for optimal viewing on all types of mobile devices. We also made it easier for customers to find product specifications and available features and options.

Although Arbortech is its own brand, we were able to maximize Stahl's investment by utilizing a similar site design, content management system and SEO/SEM positioning for Arbortech.

Stahl always sells through their valued distributors, so we created a business/marketing plan to support their distributors and their customers.

STAHL Distributor Partnership Program

Distributor Partnership Program: Stahl supports their valued distributors with a partnership program that's evident throughout the website and content positioning. Direct/email marketing, along with B2B social media efforts, are important methods for supporting one of the strongest manufacturer/distributor relationships in the work truck industry.


Distributor Photo Contest:
To support, promote and motivate Stahl's distributors, we created a unique photo contest. This idea is a great example of how we logistically think outside the box. Obtaining original photography is a very expensive and time-consuming element of account support. By creating the contest and rewarding distributors for submitting photos, we helped Stahl build even stronger distributor relationships, while realizing greater costs savings for product photography.


SEO/SEM - Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing is always the first step when developing a digital marketing campaign and online brand presence. Whether building out a client’s website or developing their social media strategy, understanding our clients’ markets, goals, and products or services is critical to providing an agile and informed approach that best meets their needs.

We use competitor analyses and best practices to capitalize on trends and changes in the ever-evolving realm of SEO/SEM. This allows us to develop a custom plan to track results and goals, while working hard to continually improve online performance.


The long-term relationships we've built with Stahl and Arbortech have given us a unique opportunity to help them strengthen their own business relationships with a broad network of distributors. This level of trust and openness has enabled us to develop creative solutions that are cost-effective and repeatable across both divisions, while generating a greater return on their investment. This is also why we're the agency they turn to – year in and year out.