Totally Chef-Inspired Environmental Design
Is The Recipe For Success

When it comes to food on the go, it should be fast, hot and good. For a new carryout location, we delivered on the same. From the new logo to a complete restaurant environment, this project was completed in just 3 weeks.

Totally Cooked To Go

The new ToGo logo fit with the Totally Cooked family of brands, delivering up the same flavor for this well-known, local caterer.

The initial concepts were presented to the client and the property/building owner with the confidence it could all be completed in the requested time frame.


The key ingredients to the environmental design were life-sized, aluminum,
grind-textured silhouettes, holding chalkboards that displayed the weekly menus.

These unique aluminum tabletop clipboards were more than a design element. They also helped the restaurant run smoothly and efficiently by allowing management to quickly and easily change and print daily menu updates.


Totally Cooked ToGo is located on the second floor of this unique, four-story, open atrium building. The building's design and layout was factored into the planning of this new carryout restaurant. Every person working in the building was welcomed off the skywalk, in the lobby and when exiting elevators by a life-size silhouette displaying the daily menu.

The design and construction were simple and affordable – yet consistent with the restaurant's theme.

Each of the four life-size silhouettes are different, holding a chalkboard with a hand-written message regarding the fast, freshly made meals to go.

As part of the overall Totally Cooked branding, graphics for delivery vehicles were considered.


These mobile billboards reflected a consistent brand image for the area's #1 caterer.


Just like Totally Cooked, we delivered a fast and fresh environmental design solution. The project was conceptualized, designed and fabricated in 3 weeks, then installed on the fourth weekend – on time and within budget. Helping Totally Cooked deliver on their promise to provide food service to a busy office complex, despite the short timeframe, was the icing on the cake.