A Client Relationship Built on Trust Garners Lots of Results for a Custom Home Development

Stanik Properties and its partner, a local realtor, hired ADG to create a campaign to promote a custom home development featuring premier lots in a park-like setting. Based on our past experience in marketing builders and developers, we were able to hit the ground running.

This unfinished community of single family homes needed a fresh approach to branding and marketing in order to rebuild excitement, while highlighting the new developer and advantages to prospective buyers.

Without the advantage of a model home, our first objective was to set up an on-site sales office/trailer. We used interior and exterior graphics that worked together seamlessly to introduce the new brand.

We created a sales kit that could be updated quickly and cost-effectively as lots were sold. This ensured the development partners presented a professional image to discerning custom home buyers, as well as local builders and realtors who might have clients interested in building in this development.

To help Stanik Properties maximize their investment, the sales materials were re-purposed as content for their website.

The local newspaper ad campaign and other creatives were based on 3 main advantages: Great Location, Custom Design/Build, and Maintenance-Free Lifestyle. We worked closely with the newspapers – securing these 2/3 page ads would be the only 4/color on the spread – this maximized the effectiveness.

Social Media - We supported their social media efforts by setting up a Facebook page and providing ongoing posts.

Facebook Ads - Our Facebook ad campaign targeted the development's unique advantages to empty nesters seeking a maintenance-free lifestyle, women desiring a gourmet dream kitchen and men who want to be an outdoor grillmaster.

We used direct, email marketing to builders, brokers and realtors. Each email was created with unique, personalized copy that spoke to the advantages of the property to these distinct audiences. We helped the client maximize their investment by creating a single email template and modifying similar content for each audience.

Phase two marketing efforts introduced a new 15-year property tax abatement on new construction in this development. This is a major advantage that builders could use to entice prospective home buyers.

We created an informational brochure with content that was repurposed on the website, as well as directional signage to ensure this tax abatement received the visibility it deserved.


Our multi-faceted rebranding campaign allowed the once long-forgotten Village of Heron Crest to soar. One of the development's four phases has sold out, while another has just one remaining lot. Although there's a longer lead time in planning and building a custom home, we continue to generate interest among prospective homebuyers. As more homeowners discover the development's convenient location and pastoral setting, the camaraderie among the growing home owners' association has also flourished.