A Creative Branding Solution
from A to Z

After construction was complete on a new office building in Bath, Ohio, ZellMed was faced with a challenge: Zoning laws would not allow the monument sign the company wanted within the office park. ADG assisted ZellMed in getting the sign approved by presenting it as an architectural sculpture.


Bill Zell was first a client in the early 1990s, when we created a new brand for his home infusion business –  one of the first such companies in Ohio. Bill came back to us in the early 2000s after a short retirement, asking us to work with him on a new business venture – a closed-door pharmacy.

We helped Bill create and register the name ZellMed, as an extension of his outstanding reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.


Procedures Manual: We created a procedures manual that offered ZellMed group clients a step-by-step guide to prescription compliance.


We created the company name and tagline, logistically managing the branding and IP registrations. In fact, you could say we created and implemented all of ZellMed's marketing efforts from A to Z.


Website: The ZellMed brand was also integrated into all aspects of the company's website.


As we helped Bill Zell build a brand from the ground up, we also helped him establish a firm footing in the closed-door pharmacy market. The architectural sculpture that reflected this brand stood as a steady reminder of our trusted partnership and our willingness to go the extra mile in creatively overcoming challenges.